It’s Checker Time in Vidor

Published 12:01 pm Thursday, May 30, 2019

The time has arrived.

Plans have been updated.

Announcements have been posted.

Reservations have been made.

The American Checker World is coming to Vidor this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The American Checker Federation (ACF) has planned its’ 4th Annual District 8 Tournament here in Vidor. The District is composed of Texas, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Arkansas. However, players will be heading here from across the country to see not just the Trophy, the award, the prestige…but also seeking part of the $2500 prize money.
Vidorian Checker Player Watson Franks is excited and ready for the action to begin.

“It plans to be the biggest and best tournament that we have ever held. Reservations began to pick up when it was announced on the ACF website that World Champion Alex Moiseyev was planning to make the trip. He brings a lot of credibility to our event,” Franks said.

Along with Alex, there are plans to be several Master Level players and some other state champions present.

Franks is currently the Texas State Champion for the second year in a row. He plans to do his best to retain his title for a third year.

“The competition will be tough, but it’s all a good time for all. Checkers is not just about winning, but about good sportsmanship and playing your best,” Franks said.
Master Checker players have put years of study, practice, playing, researching and more study into their game. Checkers is said to be an easy and simple game to play but takes a lifetime to master.
The event will kick off on Thursday evening with a Banquet with the Kids hosted by the Vidor Children Checkers Club.

Franks and Moiseyev will do challenge matches with the kids. Alex has also promised to play one game blind folded! There will be games, food and a good time for all. There is still room for a few more. Call now to make your reservation.
The tournament will begin Friday morning at 8 a.m. for a brief business meeting. There will be five rounds on Friday and two rounds on Saturday. Drop by and see for yourselves what the buzz is all about!

Vidor….the future checker capital of the world!

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