HEALTHY LIVING – New opportunities come in New Year

Published 12:08 am Friday, December 30, 2022

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I do not do resolutions. After many more years than I care to remember of seeing lofty goals set, then quickly tossed aside, I do not set myself up for failure.

Now, that does not mean I do not embrace the New Year like a 1st grader with a fresh Big Chief tablet.

After a few weeks of eating all sorts of treats and holiday foods, we have already gone back to our normal eating lifestyle.

Our digestive system is already thanking us. It doesn’t take much sugary, fatty foods to give you a bloated stomach ache, interrupt your sleep, and generally make you feel sluggish.

Sure, it takes a little more effort, a lot more label reading, and shopping the circumference of the store, but it is well worth it. If you haven’t already, clean out that fridge and relegate all those sweets and fatty foods to the garbage can.

Now, turn off that TV and get off of that sofa. Yes, it feels so good to snuggle under a blanket and read or watch movies, but GET UP!!

You don’t have to go out in the cold to get some exercise. Sweeping, mopping, even dusting can get the blood pumping and get you warmed up. Reach and stretch. Turn on some music and think of that scene from Risky Business…..well, with pants on.

Let it go! The weather is miserable, you are stuck in the house, grasp this opportunity to do some editing.

One thing at a time, one cabinet at a time, one drawer at a time, one closet at a time, just do it. Donate what is still good, toss what is worn or broken.

Anything you have not worn in the past year, needs to go. No, by the time you might get back into it, it will be out of style. Stop saving things “for special occasions.”

Every day is a special occasion. My mom had a set of china that was stored in my childhood closet, it was never used.  After she passed, it was given away, still unused.

There are lots of consignment shops out there or advertise and sell unused things.

Do unto others. Do one thing to be of service to someone else.

It does not have to be large or extravagant, check on a neighbor, share some of the excess from your garden or fruit tree with others, bring your neighbors garbage tote back up to the house, just do a kindness to another person.

Don’t stay in your easy chair or on the sofa and be a spectator in life, get up, get out there and use each day as an opportunity to enjoy life.

Look at that big empty calendar. Do at least one fun thing each month. Go somewhere, near or far. Visit with someone.

If it’s nothing more than to have a cup of coffee or a sandwich with a friend, do it! Is there something you have been putting off? Don’t wait another minute, do it! Look at each month as a new opportunity to put some LIFE into your life.

Above all, stay healthy my friends!

Jody Holton writes about health for Orange Newsmedia. She can be reached at