Vidor to host Checker Banquet for public featuring World Champion

Published 10:00 am Friday, May 24, 2019

To The Leader


The Vidor Children’s Checker Club will be treated to a special Banquet featuring World Checker Champion Alex Moiseyev on Thursday evening, May 30, at 6:30 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Suite in Vidor.   The Banquet will be a night to remember for parents and for children.

Vidorian Watson Franks, who coaches the Children’s Club, is excited about the event. 

“When we got the commitment from Mr. Moiseyev to come to our annual tournament here in Vidor, we knew it would be special.   He has agreed to play several different styles of games following a delicious banquet catered by Frankie’s,” Franks said. “I do hope that the banquet room will be packed with checker enthusiasts and supporters.”

The Checker Activities will begin with Moiseyev playing what is called a Blind Game.  He will wear a blindfold and play against one of our members.  He will be told each move after it is made and then he will respond with his own move.  Come and see this for yourself!

Following the blind game, Franks will choose six checker club members to play three different games against Moiseyev. 

Coach Franks and a Checker Member will play against Alex and a Checker member.  Each participant will take a turn making the move.  It will be a lot of fun.

The last event will be a special match between Franks and Moiseyev.   The different styles of games that are played in tournaments will be played in a five-minute time setting for each game.  Fast paced and lots of action!  Come cheer and support Franks.

Moiseyev wants to take the time to meet all of the children and maybe play them all in a game at the same time.  Tell the children to be sure to bring their own checkerboard to get autographed by Moiseyev. 

World Champion Alex Moiseyev is in Vidor on May 30-June 1 for the purpose of playing the Texas State Open and District 8 Checkers Tournament in Vidor. 

Players from across the country plan to bring their best game to town.

Franks is the current Texas State Champion and looks forward to defending his title.