City of Orange approves, outlines demolitions of 32 structures

Published 12:10 am Tuesday, January 30, 2024

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Nearly three-dozen structures are set for demolition within the City of Orange following a large-scale project approval secured last week.

In all, the city is contracting with five companies — Lark Group, Cypress Pointe Construction Services, Ceaser Landscaping & Construction, Southern Style Services, Manshack & Sons — to tear down 32 properties at a cost more of more than $140,000.

Mayor Larry Spears said it is amazing and beneficial to tear down that many deplorable properties, adding he was excited to city is contracting with numerous entities, while noting “at one time we really only had one that was doing this.”

Orange Housing Officer Kelvin Knauf said the properties have either been ordered demolished by the municipal board or had owners who consented to them being demolished.

“Sometimes people not wanting to put any money into it will sign over to us to go ahead and demolish it,” he told the Orange City Council. “They are all substandard properties that are not being brought back up to code economically.”

City leaders noted the properties are in different areas and no one area of Orange is getting all the demolitions.

Knauf noted properties on 16th Street near H.E.B. and Walgreens are set to come down.

“We’re going to change 16th Street and make it look much more pleasing with new businesses and demolishing these old dilapidated buildings,” he said.

During this week’s city council meeting, Spears said this makes it more possible for a developer to come into the city and buy property, while speculating national chains like Chipotle or Panda Express could be possible.

“To see the people who are now moving to Orange, businesses that are wanting to come to Orange, it is not just because we woke up and started (recently),” he said. “We have been praying about it, working for it and this council has been working alongside all of you and city staff. And I think it is still only just beginning. We’re going to see a lot of growth near the new hospital project.”

The most expensive single demolition approved in the project was 1605 Burton Avenue by Southern Style Services for $17,500. The least expensive was 2319 Riverside Drive for $1,200 by Ceaser Landscaping & Construction.

Approved demolitions are:

1004 2nd Street, Lark Group, $10,500

907 7th Street, Cypress Pointe, $3,940

1605 11th Street, Ceaser Landscaping, $3,999.99

1610 14th Street, Ceaser Landscaping, $4,250

3025 16th Street, Lark Group, $4,800

3315 Bowling Lane, Lark Group, $14,372

408 Burton Avenue, Cypress Pointe, $2,880

1605 Burton Avenue, Southern Style Services, $17,500

3024 Byley Road, Cypress Pointe, $5,880

1311 Cherry Avenue, Cypress Pointe, $4,240

1601 Church Street, Manshack & Sons, $6,800

513 College Street, Cypress Pointe, $6,800

3308 Cosmos Street, Ceaser Landscaping, $2,999.99

2224 Cross Lane, Manshack & Sons, $4,900

515 Decatur Avenue, Ceaser Landscaping, $2,799.99

1215 Dupont Drive, Ceaser Landscaping, $1,799.99

655 Gardenia Avenue, Lark Group, $6,400

6965 Guy Lane, Lark Group, $6,250

1300 N. Hart Avenue, Ceaser Landscaping, $2,599.99

1310 John Avenue, Ceaser Landscaping, $3,599.99

2001 Lincoln Drive, Lark Group, $4,400

1603 Louisiana Avenue, Ceaser Landscaping, $3,599.99

5610 Mickler Drive, Ceaser Landscaping, $2,999.99

707 Miller Street, Lark Group, $3,500

1912 Missouri Street, Manshack & Sons, $5,000

820 Moss Avenue, Lark Group, $3,250

1046 Polk Avenue, Ceaser Landscaping, $2,199.99

2319 Riverside Drive, Ceaser Landscaping, $1,200

1012 Ruby Lane, Manshack & Sons, $5,000

808 Sholars Avenue, Ceaser Landscaping, $2,799.99

1501 Simmons Drive, Cypress Pointe, $3,880

903 Texas Avenue, Ceaser Landscaping, $4,000