Orange County reader takes home $200 cash in Orange Leader contest

Published 12:06 am Thursday, December 21, 2023

The Nov. 25 edition of the Orange Leader asked readers to “Look throughout the pages and count the turkeys!”

Dee Culpepper took those marching orders to heart and made it count to the tune of $200 in cash.

The Little Cypress resident is a subscriber and had a good time with the Holiday Giveaway contest.

“I just thought, ‘this looks like fun,’” she said. “I counted six turkeys, then thought, ‘that can’t be all to it.’ Then I went to the children’s page and saw turkey words and turkeys and thought, ‘I’ll count those and send them in.’ It didn’t make sense that it would be six turkeys.”

The Orange Leader contest asked readers to total up the correct number of turkeys over all pages and return the entry form by Dec. 8.

Correct entries were placed in a drawing to win $200, and Culpepper’s entry was chosen to win the prize.

After stopping by the Orange Leader office on Green Avenue Wednesday morning to collect her winnings, Culpepper shared that it is always nice to have some extra money around Christmas time.

Thanks to strong support from readers and advertisers, the Orange Leader’s Holiday Giveaway will return in 2024 with more and larger prizes.