Orangefield’s “Chri5 Landrum” looks to make mark in electronic music industry

Published 8:37 am Monday, June 26, 2023

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Chris Landrum attended Orangefield schools his entire life before graduating in 2004.

He remembers growing up in a great neighborhood where all of his friends could walk to each other’s houses. It was the perfect time and space for Chris to be the class clown and an adventurer.

One of the things he enjoyed was music, creating playlists for friends in middle school when songs were easily shared through CDs.

He learned guitar through a friend, attorney Nolan Leblanc, who would teach him at Toupes Marina in Bridge City when he 16.

Music was in his blood. His grandfather, O.E. Landrum (Sam for short), wrote and published more than 200 Christian hymns.

Opportunity struck when he was in high school. A friend with an older brother needed a DJ for a college fraternity party. Chris said yes, and ended up the high school kid at college parties getting all the people dancing and grooving.

“It was really fun, and I enjoyed creating the atmosphere for these college students,” Chris remembers.

Music career

Chris began creating music from scratch in 2016 while trying to master FL Studio software. He studied a master class from Deadmau5 and it helped. Now he is trying to get his feet wet in the music producer industry.

“I’ve created over 40 tracks on my own, and now I’m finally able to start putting them out there so other known DJs can use them in their music sets for the world to hear,” he said. “2022 was the first year I’ve actually started putting out my music using my own label to over 150 music streaming platforms.”

Those interested in learning more about his music can take advantage of his mixes from past sets he records live while DJing.

Readers can find some of his hour-long mixes on or visit his YouTube — — to see anime music videos made from professional music video designers just for my new music.

He officially goes by the Chri5 Landrum moniker.

He strives to work each week on new tracks with various artists.

“Some artists are local, and some are across the world in Brazil, England to name a few that I have been working with,” Chris shared. “My focus at the moment is creating music to build up my playlist of tracks. I will be also remixing a few 80s songs and turning them into some really cool modern dance hits. I have just begun putting my music out there, and some of my tracks have taken over two years to finish.”


Today, Chris describes himself as the “most hyper, outgoing person” he knows. But, he admits, he still gets nervous at performances because he doesn’t want to mess up everyone’s vibe.

“I want to do my best, and I strive for perfection,” he said.

He is slowly creating his sound and warping in male and female vocalists to expand the genres of music in the electronic music industry by coming up with new ways to reach out to groups and people of all types.

“I just recently did a song with my autistic nephew, Jayden, in the intro, and it has been a hit,” Chris said. “I want to keep the local talent on my side and help them expand, as well. My friends and family come on this journey with me. I have very catchy piano chords and riffs that you can hum, and say, ‘oh, that’s Chris’ song.’”

He has listened to hundreds of professional DJs and music producers around the world, learning everyday how to be unique.

He considers his productions theatrical and cinematic, starting off with a slower, steady opening beat that builds up to intensify the atmosphere.

“A prime example on my album, the first track is called ‘Story.’ I really do tell my story through music, starting it off with me playing the synth keyboard, acting as if I’m speaking through music,” he said. “Midway through the album, it gets a little darker, such as the song, ‘I Can See You.’ It’s actually my voice saying on the track, and I turned down the voice effect and made it sound lower.

“The last track, ‘Runoff,’ is the ending of the album, and it is saying this is the end and it gets more powerful throughout the whole album. It’s the build up towards the end. It is my first album, and this helps me learn and be creative to get a few singles out with professional vocalists. So as an artist, I try to be 100 percent unique.”