Step Forward Treatment Center offers mental health, drug treatment assistance in Orange County

Published 12:20 am Tuesday, April 4, 2023

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PINEHURST — Two uncles in Dana Teate’s family died due to drug overdoses.

She, in turn, has worked in the drug treatment field since 2003.

“I worked for the Federal Bureau of Prisons,” she said. “I see a lot of drug activity going on in our community, as well as people walking the streets needing help and who don’t have anyone to help them. I would like to help those individuals who are struggling with addiction, not only in Orange County, but in the Golden Triangle.”

Teate is the CEO of Step Forward Treatment Center, which celebrated a ribbon cutting and soft opening celebration on Monday.

Teate’s husband, Donny Teate Jr., serves as COO.

The center is located at 2496 Martin Luther King Drive, Suite A in Pinehurst.

The Step Forward Treatment Center team works to put clients on paths to better health through drug abuse and mental health support.

Available treatment options include substance abuse recovery, mental health support, family counseling, parenting classes and anger management help. Other outpatient services are also available.

Teate said the center started its operations on a small scale in November and is now ready to make a larger impact in the community by helping individuals struggling with mental health and addiction and who don’t have a lot of places to go.

“If they realize they need substance abuse counseling, they can come to us for individual support, group counseling, family therapy or more,” she said.

“I know mental health and substance abuse are real. Some (professionals) are not taking on new clients. Some have a waiting list or some are full. I feel like this will be very good for our community and Southeast Texas, as a whole.”

Teate is from Port Arthur and has been in Orange County for close to 20 years.

“I feel like we’re still struggling in the world today,” she said. “That there are a lot of people who struggle with mental health who are probably not getting the help they need. There aren’t enough people spending time with these individuals to address their needs.”

Some people just need a professional to listen to them and see what’s going on in their everyday lives.

Remote counseling is an option through Step Forward Treatment Center, which recently worked with a client in Pennsylvania.

More information is available at, and 409-659-1656.

Teate stressed Step Forward Treatment Center is verified through PsychologyToday.