ASK A COP — Can a gun in a vehicle have a bullet in the chamber?

Published 2:37 pm Monday, February 20, 2023

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Omar asks: I’m having a debate with my boyfriend about the usage of turn signals. If you are a driver of a car in a turn lane, let’s say it’s a turn-only lane, and you are the third car in line, do you have to put your turn signal on?

Answer: Apparently this is a difficult law to understand because of the mass violators on the roadway. Law enforcement officers find so many people on a daily basis who fail to use their turn signals properly, whether it’s an indicator for lane changing or making a legal turn. State law requires you use your turn signal when turning, and yes even if you’re the third car in line. The turn signal must be activated on your vehicle 100 feet before you intend to turn. It doesn’t matter that others have on their turn signal, you are required by state law to indicate your intent to turn. And it goes the same for changing lanes on the roadways. The state of Texas requires you to signal you intent before you can safely change lanes.

Officer Rickey Antoine

Marcus asks: I know to many this will sound like a stupid question, but I need to know the answer. I am now aware we can carry open and concealed firearms in our vehicles in Texas. But my question is, can the weapon have a round or a bullet in the chamber of the weapon?

Answer: I don’t think there’s anything stupid about you asking a question about whether a firearm that’s concealed in your vehicle can have a bullet in the chamber. The state of Texas allows motorists who are not (1) ex-felons, (2) have a weapon unholstered in plain sight, (3) a member of an organized gang or (4) not committing a crime higher than class C, to carry weapons in the car. Now to answer your question, yes, the weapon can be loaded with a round or bullet in the chamber ready to go. I don’t think I know a criminal who will allow you to have a moment to get your weapon ready to defend yourself. In my opinion, there is no sense in carrying a weapon for your defense unless it’s ready to defend you in a moment’s notice.

Phil asks: The other day I was on my way to work and a school bus was stopped on the side of the road with its yellow lights flashing. I slowly drove past it and. still to this point, I feel a little guilty like I’ve done something wrong. I was going to stop behind the bus but there was this truck behind me blowing its horn, so I decided to slowly roll by the bus with its yellow flashing lights. The very last thing I want to do is hit a child crossing a street because I passed a school bus. Help me! Was I right or wrong from being encouraged by another vehicle to drive by a flashing stopped school bus?

Answer: In Texas, school busses are bright yellow and equipped with a stop sign and flashing yellow and red lights. The yellow flashing lights are cautionary lights, like all other yellow lights on our roadway. This brings our attention to the bus preparing to stop and makes us aware children will soon be entering or exiting the bus. If the lights were flashing yellow, you did NOT violate the law of passing a stopped school bus. It becomes a violation when the flashing lights are RED, and the driver of a motor vehicle continues to drive by the school bus. Thank you for having a heart for the safety of our children, because I’m sure school district bus drivers will tell you motorists disregard and pass their stopped school buses daily, even when the red stop sign is displayed and the lights are flashing red.

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