Orange You Bold: Searching for creative storage space

Published 7:39 am Wednesday, February 9, 2022

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Tricia Stroud

Hello beautiful people. February is here and we may have to settle for an extended winter this year. That all depends on whether you believe in Groundhog’s Day.

I believe it when I agree with his sighting. I am not sure if that is working for me, but I will go with it and wish for warmer days.

Thinking of warmer days makes me want to purge. I’ve been searching the internet for new ideas for storage for this spring.

Living in a home with minimal storage challenges you to get creative. You can utilize the inside of your closet door if you are limited on space.

I currently use a hanging jewelry organizer that has individual pockets for storage.

There is a creative way to utilize wire baskets commonly used in closet organizers. They have excellent flexibility. You can adjust the basket sizes the style of the attachment to suit your needs. You can use it for craft items, Christmas items, hats, or clothes.

We all have those odd items that don’t have a space, but we like to keep them accessible. You can install this inside your pantry or laundry door for more space. This could be a game changer for you if you are struggling for more space and organization.

Purging is crucial to more free space, so you need to start the process before reorganizing. I like to do a broad purge and then come back a few hours later and purge again. I have a hard time throwing away some items, so a second and third purge are always necessary for me.

I am always searching for new ideas that will help organize and simplify my everyday life. I would love to hear your suggestions on organization.

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