Orange You Bold: Change it if you don’t like it

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, January 12, 2022

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Hello beautiful people. Last week I ran in the store just to check out the scene and stumbled across a 75% off sale at Hobby Lobby. The clearance aisle was overstocked with items.

Nothing stood out to me on its own. There were a couple of items I liked a component of, but not the entire piece. Every item I bought would need some adjusting for me to use it in my home.

The price was phenomenal, so I grabbed a few pieces.

The first piece I will talk about was $3.74. The shades on the piece simply will not work in my space. I investigated what changes I could make with items I had at home. I liked the work of art, but I needed it in the shades of orange.

The materials I am using for this are Gesso, acrylic paint, and a foam paint brush. Gesso is great for laying a foundation on the surface of the item you are painting. I covered the piece in Gesso because it had darker colors and I needed a lighter look. I then used red and yellow acrylic paint mixed to create orange.

Eventually I would add white to get a lighter shade of orange. There was no technique involved in applying the paint I simply used the stroke of the brush. I then applied gold acrylic paint with my finger.

The paint was thick in some places which gave the piece depth and texture. The prep took longer than the actual project. I love the frame around this piece.

The only thing I needed to change was the paint color. That was easy and now it matches the décor goal.

The bones of a piece are the most important thing. The rest can be altered to make a piece perfect for you.

Use your imagination when you shop and see beyond what is on the shelf. You can view a video of this project on Orange You Bold on Facebook. Check out more videos on the Facebook and Instagram page. OrangeYouBold… yes I am.