Searching for a new coach

Published 12:47 am Saturday, January 8, 2022

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When Coach T, West Orange-Stark coach Cornel Thompson, announced his retirement in December, the search began for a new Athletic Director for West Orange Stark High School.

A group of citizens has shown a strong support for one candidate, Toby Foreman.

“I saw Toby grow up coaching at West Orange,” Erik Guillory said. “He would load his vehicle up with kids on trips to get scholarships.”

Guillory said seeing this made him ask how he could get involved to support the students.

“We would donate gas money,” Guillory said. “One of those kids he helped was Reggie Garrett.”

Garrett was the young football player died shortly after throwing a touchdown pass in September 2010.

“Toby’s biggest tribute to WOS was helping kids get to the next level,” Guillory added.

Guillory shared example after example of different ways Foreman helped students from helping them study to increase their score for military entrance exams to college scholarships.

“He drove a student to Lubbock twice for a scholarship,” Guillory said.

Guillory said one reason he supports Foreman for the position is he is someone who gives back to the kids.

“He has shown what he will do for the kids,” Guillory said. “Even after Toby left he was has still helped out more kids at WOS. Parents reach out to him even after he left.”

Guillory added he knows not all students are Division I students.

“They can still play at a college,” Guillory said. “Toby has a way of paring up colleges with talented kids.”

Kerry Cooper reiterated what Guillory said.

Cooper added that at one school district, the crowds were not filling the stands at home games.

“Toby had a coach in the box speak to each of the 27 fans attending the game. The coach thanked each one for coming and told them it would get better,” Cooper said. “Weeks later, the stands were full. He is a go-getter.”

“He has proven with his resume of helping children,” Guillory said. “We do not need a person who say ‘what I will do’ but say what they have.”

The ‘final four’ are expected to be named soon and for one group of people in Orange, they hope to see Toby Foreman’s name on the list.

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