OrangeYouBold: Let’s talk about celebrations and new beginnings

Published 12:58 am Wednesday, December 29, 2021

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Tricia Stroud

Hello beautiful people. It seems like we were just talking about a new year and hoping for the best year possible. Now we are a few days from the end of the year.

This year literally flew by.

I am one of the lucky ones who gets to celebrate the holidays and my birthday this time of year. Let’s talk about celebrations and new beginnings!

The New Year brings a fresh new start for many people. You don’t have to make a resolution to close one year and start a new one with a different outlook and set new goals. There are things you can do while enjoying family and friends ringing in the New Year.

Talking about your goals, jotting down your goals, and putting the things you want to become reality into the universe are a few things you can do.

I truly believe all celebrations should involve positive conversations and bouncing ideas off those closest to you. Surround yourself with people depositing into your life in a positive way.

New beginnings are what you want them to be.

My new beginnings will start with vision board planning and brainstorming. I highly recommend brainstorming every thought that comes to your mind for 2022. Your words are powerful.

Steve Harvey says anything you can see in your mind you can hold in your hand. I am taking that with me into the new year by writing down the things I see in my mind.

Manifest those things in more than one place and keep reminding yourself of them daily. Find yourself a notebook that brings you joy and let your thoughts flow. I will reflect on this in the next four weeks to let you know how it’s going, and I would love to hear your results as well.

Write boldly without holding back.

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