PHOTO GALLERY: OrangeYouBold: Not your traditional bow

Published 11:13 am Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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Hello beautiful people. Last week we talked about an ornament that wasn’t traditional. The gift card holder ornament was simple, unique, and served two purposes.

One of my favorite details to add to a tree is a bow. Bows fill up space and are simply pretty. We all learned how to tie a bow in our tennis shoes, but many times creating a bow for decoration seems to be difficult.

I am here to tell you that regardless of how elaborate the bow is, it is not as complicated as you may think.

Building bows on top of each other can take a simple bow to over the top in a matter of minutes. You can also embellish a bow with ornaments or small pieces of décor that clip on.

I am going to show you how to create a simple bow that only has three loops. Typically, a bow will have four loops in its most common form, but for this bow that will not be the case. I think you will enjoy the fun of a three loop bow as much as I do.

All you need is ribbon, scissors, a pipe cleaner, and an open mind.

You will roll out about 28 inches of ribbon and then fold it in half, so it is roughly 12 inches in length. Now you will have a 12-inch piece of ribbon that is folded once. You will fold it in half one more time. You have completed that task. Take a small piece of pipe cleaner to wrap in the middle of the ribbon.

It will look like a very flat bow tie. Your bow is now ready for fluffing.

I highly recommend wired ribbon because it holds its shape well and it is easier to manipulate.

Fluff your bow in the shape that is reminiscent of a pin wheel. Once you have achieved your desired look you can cut the straight ends on a diagonal for a more finished look.

You can stuff this bow into a tree or attach it to something using pipe cleaner or wire.

I hope you enjoy this simple bow. I would love to see your photos. You can send them through Facebook at OrangeYouBold or email them to

Let your imagination fly with your bow making. Orange you bold… yes I am.