And Now You Know: Orange was busy in May 1902 with bond election passing, new business opens

Published 1:00 am Saturday, December 4, 2021

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Mike Louviere
And Now You Know

The May 7, 1902 edition of The Orange Daily Tribune was an interesting edition. An important bond election had passed by a clear majority. There were only four who had voted against it and the editor of the Tribune had an opinion about those four.

He held little back in expressing his pride in Orange and disdain for those who voted against the bond.

He wrote: “Every citizen of Orange should be proud today that he is a citizen of Orange and strive to unite every heart and hand to hasten the city’s great destiny. Now with a sound liver and a hearty public sentiment let us lay hold with a firmer grasp and a stout pull on the towline and land all things great and small for Orange.

Four votes were cast against the bond issue for improvements to Orange…There are four poor old lonely fellows in Orange who are entitled to our deepest sympathy. It is probably not their fault they cannot keep up. If we only knew some way to help them out of town. We don’t know what affliction those four men suffer from who voted  against the bond issue yesterday, but if the Tribune were their physician, it should prescribe a radical and permanent change of air and climate. Conditions in Orange are not favorable for their disease.”

Other good news for Orange was that new rail service was on the horizon. The charter for the extension of service from Houston to Orange on the International and Great Northern Railway was to be filed on May 7.

“Are we not anxious to welcome the new railroads, mills, factories, steamboats, business houses, etc… now hastening to Orange?” asked the Tribune.

The Tribune said that there was a new official map of the City of Orange for sale at the county clerk’s office. The price was $5 each, and the Tribune urged, “Don’t fail to provide yourself with the latest official map.”

An article touted the opening of a new business in Orange… “Orange is at last to have a modern up to date steam laundry, with all the practical appliances to successfully conduct the establishment.”

The Orange Laundry which is located at First and Front Streets has changed hands, the new proprietors are Messrs. Will Sexton and Walter Alexander, two young men of Orange who have been noticeable for the energy and activity displayed in all their undertakings. The entire plant will be remodeled, and new machinery will be installed within the next fortnight. Machinery has been ordered which will amount to $8,000. Expert laundrymen have been engaged, thus ensuring the best service, the foreman of the plant has 15 years’ experience in the business.

A good laundry is something that Orange has long needed as it eliminates the necessity of sending it to Houston and other places as is now the case.

The name of the new enterprise is The Gate City Steam Laundry. We heartly congratulate its proprietors on the step they are taking and feel assured their efforts will be rewarded with the success which usually characterizes new enterprises started in Orange.

A man was arrested on the morning of May 7 and charged with being drunk and disorderly; He said he was employed in the ballasting work on the Orange and Northwestern Railroad. He pled not guilty and was fined $1 and costs. The court costs amounted to $12.95, or 12 days working on the streets. The man took the 12 days working and was assigned to work under Mr. Gallier.

“And now you know.”