OrangeYouBold: Recycle those empty rolls

Published 12:32 am Wednesday, November 3, 2021

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Tricia Stroud

Hello beautiful people. We have two months left in this year. This year has gone by extremely fast.

Two major holidays are left and then we are kicking off a new year.

I have been in the process of purging things as the weather is slowly beginning to change. Organization and purging go hand in hand in my book.

Empty toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls are often tossed, but usually with hesitation. I think we all think for a brief second that it can be used for something. We used them in elementary school to create art and I think the child inside of us longs for a little art sometimes. The mind needs a creative release more than we realize. It is not silly if you toss those empty holders in a bag for just in case. There is always a school or daycare that can repurpose them.

What can you do with these empty rolls? Art projects are always an option. Check out Pinterest for ideas for your little ones.

My approach for these rolls is centered around organization. You can build a cluster of the rolls by hot gluing them together. They can stand up straight to store desk items likes pens, pencils, and scissors.

The same cluster of rolls can be laid on its side and used to store cords, paperclips, or any small item you need to slide out of the tube.

You can wrap the rolls with foil tissue paper, wrapping paper, or paint them. I would be mindful of what you decorate the rolls with if you will use them around a sink or place where water is used often.

Save a little cash by upcycling these rolls and let your creative side explore. Photo credit goes to Lily Shop for an example of how you can use the empty rolls. Be bold with your choices to decorate.

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