FAITH: Edification – 30 weeks to Oneness

Published 12:44 am Saturday, October 9, 2021

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Pastor Demetrius Moffett

Just when it seems that we are going good, a challenge will rear its head. However, we’re back on track.

It’s also something about challenges that can cause us to grow. Life is going to bring us challenges. We will be tested in many facets of our life. It’s tough battling these challenges on our own.

When we receive that edification, the load seems to become lighter.

Is edification a part of our everyday conversation? Are we looking to be the voice of encouragement?

One sad truth is that we don’t always know when someone is in need of a pick me up. We have learned to be such great actors, putting on the facade attempting to make people think that we are in a place. This is a place that several of our children grow up in. A fantasy world.

Even as adults, have we grown up healthy? We too need edification. Having that positive voice in our ear developing and not destroying helps us to see the beauty and good in ourselves. To be able to put a development spin on a mishap is just as powerful.

We will make mistakes. It’s edification that will help us to get realigned, get back into the game and score the winning point.

I’m reminded of a game I was coaching. One of my players was having a very bad game. We were down to our last play. I called a play for another player. This player who was having a bad game requested the ball. I was skeptical. However, it was his teammates that spoke up and said they believed he could score the touchdown we needed to win.

I looked into their eyes and then into the eyes of this young man and gave the nod, called his play and he scored. It was that play that elevated him to have a great season.

What if I had not called his play? What if I had not edified him and gave him a chance? I hate to think of what if.

Today that young man is in college applying the harvest of the edification that was planted in him several years ago.

As we positively promote healthy growth and development of others especially those of our family. We will cultivate a culture of edification.

Edification that will empower our legacy to overcome the challenges of life.


Rev. Demetrius Moffett is Senior Pastor of Orange Church of God-Embassy of Grace, 1911 North 16th Street in Orange.