OrangeYouBold: Tik Tok inspiration for DIY crafts

Published 12:27 am Wednesday, August 25, 2021

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Tricia Stroud

Hello beautiful people. It is still August! The month of August has lasted for what seems to be forever. September is around the corner and in my opinion, it cannot get here fast enough. I will move on from my complaining about August.

Last week I talked about crafts under $5 at the Dollar Tree. I was scrolling through one of my Facebook pages and stumbled across a Tik Tok video of a Dollar Tree craft that I will test out this week and post to my Orange You Bold Facebook page, so if you haven’t liked the page please do. The results will be posted there. You will find that some of the items may not be at your local store so you may need to improvise. The photo of the finished product is from Tik Tok. The username was not visible for a proper credit. I thought this project was simply genius. It requires a picture frame, a toy track, spray paint, wooden knob, and vinyl.

I will explain the process I will use for this project. I plan to hot glue the tracks to the inside of the bottom. My local store did not have the picture frame, so I purchased two unfished wooden trays. I will hot glue the two together to create the base. Once the base is established, I will stain or paint it.

The bright orange tracks will need to be painted. I suggest spray painting the tracks with a color of your choice. I plan on painting my tracks a matte black, but that might change so do not hold me to it. It is a simple process to bend the tracks from one corner to the corner across from it. The wood knob will need to be painted as well and glued to the top of the tracks. In the video the crafter decided to use a checkered vinyl to decorate the base of the lantern, I will be painting or staining the base on my project.

Decorate your lantern with greenery and possibly a candle. The options are endless. Check out my Facebook page for the finished project. OrangeYouBold…yes I am. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram.