OrangeYouBold: Change can be simple

Published 7:29 am Wednesday, July 21, 2021

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Hello beautiful people. Summer is moving along at lightening speed. I found a little time this weekend for a project for my home. I have the urge to purge. This typically happens a couple of times every year. I know bringing in a new piece isn’t exactly ideal, but it’s okay as long as I get rid of a piece. That’s my story and I am sticking to it. I snagged this piece from a relative and it was pretty perfect the way it was. I decided to make a few changes to update it for the room it will live in.

Let’s talk about what I decided to do. My dining room is painted with Gray Screen. It is a very light color so adding a lighter piece to the room created a bland pallet. The top was originally a medium wood stain. I don’t always love to paint wood, but this entire piece was already painted. On this particular project I could have stripped and sanded the top and stained it darker. That would have been a nice contrast. I decided that I will paint an accent wall in my dining room with Dark Sky by Behr paint. This decision impacted the color I painted the top. I went with Dark Sky as well on the top of this piece because it will be adjacent to the accent wall. I exchanged the oval knobs for square matted black knobs. They are slightly larger and more angular. The original knobs needed to be tightened so I added washers to all screws for a tighter fit. Hardware can be expensive, so painting existing hardware can be e a great money saving solution. I grabbed a can of matte black spray paint for under $5 and painted the remaining hardware saving me at least $30 in the process.

The dresser was distressed when I received it. It had a wood tone exposed so I used the Dark Sky paint to cover the majority of those exposed areas to match the top of the piece. This was a difficult task. I used a thin brush, my finger, and even a thick piece of paper to scrape the paint on the edges.  That is a reminder that sometimes we have to try different things. I will be using this piece to store kitchen items that do not fit in my 800 kitchen cabinets. Insert laughter. The project was simple but has made a huge impact in my dining room. One day I will complete the transformation and give you a full room view. Keep plugging away at those projects, I promise you will finish. OrangeYouBold…yes I am. Follow along on Facebook for daily tips and tricks. Email me your fun projects and I will showcase your project and be inspired. The email address is