Burrito challenge accepted, defeated

Published 6:54 am Wednesday, July 14, 2021

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Over 140 teams have taken the Gusto Burrito Challenge at Tacos La Schula in Orange. Three teams are champions with the best time at just over 13 minutes. Joel Hansen, food influencer and competitive eater, from Canada, is the first solo person to take the challenge and completed it in nine minutes and 33 seconds on Monday as fans and others watched on in amazement.

“There is no shortage of food,” Hansen said about half way into the challenge. “I can tell you that much. This is a delicious challenge.”

The meat, cheese, refried beans and even the Pico is weighed as the massive three foot long, 10-pound burrito is constructed. Hansen said he would not recommend others trying to eat it alone but did encourage people to order and enjoy it with friends or family.

Hansen takes on food challenges across North America and heard of the Gusto Burrito Challenge from followers of his YouTube Channel YouTube.com/JoelHansen where he has taken on over 300 food challenges to date and has won each one.

Before taking the first bite, he said, “Three teams of two have beaten the challenge but never a solo person. I am here to change this.”

A fan from Nederland volunteered to be timekeeper.

“I heard he was coming here the night before,” Chris said. “I have been watching him for about a year.”

Hansen has eaten competitively for about three and a half years but only seriously for about a year.

City of Orange Mayor Larry Spears Jr watched as the burrito disappeared before everyone’s eyes.

“Show him some support,” Spears said clapping his hands in encouragement,

Part of the challenge included eating three roasted oversized jalapeno peppers. Hansen devoured them despite the burn he felt as one went down.

After completing the challenge, he said, “This is the best queso I have ever had. It really is delicious with the seasoning of the meat.”

What’s next? For Hansen, he headed to Lake Charles, Louisiana for another food challenge just hours after completing this challenge.

For Taco La Schula, there are plans to create a taco challenge.