OrangeYouBold: How many empty water bottles can one person have?

Published 12:36 am Wednesday, July 7, 2021

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Hello beautiful people. I had the opportunity to road trip with family last week to the Great Smoky Mountains. The mountains are majestic in the words of my cousin. I absolutely agree with her, and I would add that they are grand. Traveling in such a nature filled area had me thinking about how we treat nature. It’s a beauty that doesn’t need our outside trashy décor. It is beautiful without the colorful wrappers and plastic bottles.

That lead me to thinking about the repurposing of plastic bottles. Instead of tossing them out, let’s figure out how to reuse them. I took a look at for some inspiration for us all. I have reused water bottles for noise makers and to refill with water to avoid using excessive water bottles. I found a few cute and resourceful ways to reuse those water bottles that you may enjoy. I think we will make a fun summer project out of one of them.

The bird feeder caught my eye because we have a large bird community near our home. I get to watch them in the early morning without a bird feeder so I can only imagine the possibilities if I hang a feeder.

The next option I thought was brilliant. It shows a water bottle being used as a mailer. How neat is that? You can see in the example; colored pencils were shipped. I think that is a very creative and the idea of a message in a bottle captivates my inner child. We will definitely take a crack at this craft as well. I will be sure to update with photos.

Last but not least you will see an image with an empty bottle being used to dispense soap. I am pretty curious on how this works and where you can find the pump. It is a brilliant way to save a little money buying soap in bulk and simply refilling the bottles. I would imagine you could get creative here and decorate your bottle in several ways. If you decide to give any of these ideas a try email me a photo You can also follow my facebook page for ideas, recipes and my unsolicited advice on random things. OrangeYouBold…yes I am.