OrangeYouBold: Let’s do the ranger roll

Published 7:38 am Wednesday, June 30, 2021

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Tricia Stroud

Hello beautiful people. The summer break has been flying by. I hope you are getting in a few day and weekend getaways. Try to recharge if you have the opportunity. If you are taking a full vacation, weekend getaway, or even a day getaway you can use the information in this article. I hate having the feeling that I am forgetting something when I take a trip. How many of you are the night before packers? I straddle that fence. At times I am super organized and other times I just throw somethings in the suitcase and hope it works out or I will make a trip to Walmart. I tend to be more organized on long trips. My husband enjoys organization because it cuts down on those Walmart trips for outfits or items we forgot to pack.

Organizing the suitcase can help conserve space. If you are flying and don’t want to check a bag this information is for you. I was chatting with my youngest daughter about packing for a trip recently and I decided I wanted to put as many of our items as I could in my suitcase. She mentioned that I could google military packing.

Folks this is nothing revolutionary and I used the resources provided by the internet. I found a video that showed me how to do the ranger roll. It was quick and efficient. I viewed it once and I was literally on a roll. Insert laughter.

My clothing isn’t exactly petite, but you will get the point from the photos. You are basically creating a pocket with the clothing item. Remember to button and zip every item before you start to fold and roll. This will work with jackets and hoodies as well. I recommend tucking the hood of your hoodie inside before you begin to fold it. You can create extra storage using this technique and it is also a quick way to inventory the items you are bringing. It’s also a neat way to pack your bag. This is a game changer for flying. You could pack your carryon bag in a compact way that will save you from paying to check a bag. The time involved is minimal and it is worth it.

Give this a try for your next trip and send me a photo of your finished product. Happy trails to you! OrangeYouBold…yes I am. Email Follow me on Facebook for more tips and tricks.