OrangeYouBold: Think inside the box

Published 12:54 am Wednesday, June 2, 2021

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Tricia Stroud

Hello beautiful people. We often say think outside the box. Today I am changing that up a little. Let’s think inside the box for a moment.

Why? I am glad you asked.

I save many things that remind me of special moments of time. Let’s be honest about sentimental things, they often do not have a perfect place. Trinkets that are lost or stored in places that may cause them damage. If you have something special, you should display it. There is a great way to do that! Have you figured it out yet?

We are thinking inside the box today, that’s right inside a shadow box. A shadow box is great way to combine random items from an event and to store them. It is a great way to create a forever memory of an event. They work wonderfully with commemorative tickets, programs, and any other item special from an event you have attended.

The great thing about a shadow box is the versatility. You can create a memory or a piece of art. Painting the trinkets for your box one color and attaching them permanently in the box is a unique way to create a work of art. Your shadow box can be quirky, sentimental, or artistic. The decision is yours to make and you can decide to make several shadow boxes.

Graduation season is here and one of my favorite gifts given to me was a card filled with newspaper clippings of my oldest daughter for her graduation. A member from our church had saved them for her entire life. It was a wonderful gift and one I plan to preserve in a shadow box.

Those graduation programs are perfect for a shadow box along with the tassel and special photos from the night. I guarantee you the graduate in your life would appreciate the thought put into this type of gift.

Get to thinking inside the box for a moment and create a wonderful box of memories. Vacations are another possibility to create an awesome shadow box.

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