OrangeYouBold: Dress up those boring walls

Published 12:23 am Wednesday, May 19, 2021

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Tricia Stroud

Hello beautiful people. We are in for a very wet week. This could be a great week for an inside project. I love to binge watch decorating shows and incorporate the things I love into a space in my home.

My husband laughs when I tell him I need eight houses that I can decorate differently. A different house for every mood I have would be great.

I love paint for this very reason because you can change it at your leisure. What’s trending in today’s world of décor?

The world of design can change before you get on board with the last trend. It is impossible to keep up with all the trends, but it is fun to watch them hit the scene. 3D wallpaper is a new design trend that is visually pleasing to me. My mind goes crazy with all the possibilities of 3D wallpaper. Do yourself a favor and go down the 3D wallpaper rabbit hole on the internet. You never know what you may find. At the very least you will be up to date with a trending design.

It is clear I love bold and colorful things, but I love muted and toned-down colors as well. I will post two photos courtesy of “I love wallpaper” and Pinterest that show the designs I will discuss here.

Pine striped walls can be dramatic and extremely bold. The image you will find below shows off the drama. You can make a statement with this wall treatment that will become a conversation piece for your guests. The architecture creates the drama and the color contrast from stained wood to the light wall color makes it bold. This may be a trending design, but I believe it is timeless if designed appropriately. Wood has been a staple piece in wall design for a while now and the second trend includes wood as well.

You have probably seen batten walls and didn’t know what they were called. They have been around in some shape of form for a while, but now they involve more geometry.

Don’t pack up those math skills just yet, you might need them if you decide to upgrade your wall. This design is heavy on measuring twice and cutting once. These are both projects you can tackle in a day at the least or maybe two if you would like to take a break.

Give your wall or hallway a stylish upgrade this week while hiding from the rain.

Let your walls and your personality show how bold you are. OrangeYouBold…yes I am.