OrangeYouBold: Feeling those Summer vibes

Published 12:52 am Wednesday, May 12, 2021

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Tricia Stroud

We are so close to the end of the school year and approaching summer quickly. Our summers go by so quickly and last summer was canceled thanks to COVID-19. This summer we are looking at the possibility of a little more space to move around freely as things slowly reopen. What are your summer plans? Are you a planner?

I have some great news for you if you are not a planner. You can become one and I highly recommend it this summer. Don’t be the person that shows up to a super fun place and end up leaving disappointed because you didn’t do your research. Check out the places you would like to go online or call them to see what their guidelines are, capacity and hours of operation. Remember what you’ve always known to be true might have changed. I would hate for you to show up with a car full of children excited for an adventure, only to be turned around because you didn’t research. Let’s say you have absolutely no idea what you want to do for the summer, I have a suggestion for you. Break your summer down into a variety of experiences.

I think it is important to plan an educational trip, a physical trip, a something new trip and a relaxation trip. That may sound like a lot financially but remember day trips are wonderful for summer. Educational trips can be great day trips. We have a vast variety of places to visit within a two-hour radius from Orange. This is a perfect time to talk to your children about the things they are interested in exploring. Make the research fun and take a vote on where you would like to go. Most educational trips are low cost or even free.

Grab your calendar and pencil in your summer family time now. I highly recommend you pencil in a few dates that are non-negotiable. Once you have filled in your four types of trips you can start planning for some of the things you like to do regularly. I cannot stress how important it is to write things down on your calendar, so time doesn’t get away from you. I promise if you don’t fill your days in life and other things will do it for you. Start your summer planning today because it will be over before you know it. I hope you have an interesting, fun and relaxing summer. Don’t forget to search for great deals to those main attractions in the cities you will visit. OrangeYouBold…yes I am. Follow me for summer tips on Facebook. Email me at if you have a summer tip.