OrangeYouBold: What can your candles do?

Published 12:15 am Wednesday, March 31, 2021

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Tricia Stroud

Hello beautiful people. I am so sad I missed you all last week. I hope your week was full of sunshine. Spring cleaning time is upon us once again. My stash of Bath & Body Works candles is dwindling down. December is the month I catch their big candle sale and stock up. Candles bring me to this week’s discussion. What do you do with your candle jars when they are all used up? What else can your candle do?

Let’s be honest about these candles, they are a little bit of a splurge at full price, right? The jars and sturdy, large and really beautiful. The lids come in a variety of shades and so do the jars. I hate to throw away such a useful item. I know you have thought about it as well at least once. My non crafty friends even think about the possibilities of these jars. I see people offering them to crafty friends all the time because they hate to see them go to waste. What can you do with these jars? The first thing you have to do is clean them out. There will always be a little wax in the bottom after the wicks have burned down. You can place the candle on a warm burner on your stove top until the wax melts, then use a paper towel to wipe the wax out. Once you have done that you can remove the base of the wick. The jar will need to be cleaned after this. I use a little dish soap and a mild scrubber to get the jar clean. Now you have a beautiful clean jar full of possibilities.

I will encourage you to find candles with plain decorated lids if you plan on repurposing them later. Some of the candle lids have the words Bath & Body Works on them so you can try to avoid those. Don’t forget to remove the label on the outside. The labels can be tricky sometimes but stick with it and you will get it all removed. You can use a craft knife to help remove the label. These jars are perfect for bathrooms, desktops and even kitchens. Try embellishing them with knob or leaving them plain. The possibilities are truly endless if you are willing to use a little elbow grease to repurpose these jars.

I would love to see your finished product if you decide to tackle the candle jar. Email your pics to and follow along on Facebook and Instagram. OrangeYouBold…yes I am.