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Published 10:35 am Saturday, March 27, 2021

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In 1952 “Singing in the Rain” premiered.

Make the most of a rainy honeymoon

Rain on a wedding day is something that many couples encounter, but the silver lining is that various cultures view rainy wedding days as a symbol of a lucky and successful match. Rain on a wedding day is considered good luck in India and in areas of Great Britain and Ireland as well. In ancient pastoral societies, rain symbolized fertility – a mark of good luck for the newly betrothed.

While couples may rely on these lucky day customs to cope with a shower on their nuptials, rain on a honeymoon may not be so welcome. Mother Nature is unpredictable, so couples may have to contend with soggy honeymoons. Here’s how to handle the situation with grace.

Invest in a hotel upgrade

Honeymooners may not expect to spend much time in their hotel rooms, especially if beautiful weather is the norm at their destination. But if it rains, you’ll be spending more time indoors. If budget allows, upgrade to a suite or a more opulent hotel with added indoor amenities. A hotel with an indoor pool or a spa can save the day when a beach day is canceled due to rain.

Walk (or kiss) in the rain

The patter of rain on an umbrella can be soothing and romantic. Don’t let a light shower get you down. Instead, take a stroll with your newly betrothed and soak up some fresh air and negative ions that a fresh rain can bring.

 Sleep in

While you already may be spending more time together in bed, use rainy days on your honeymoon to extend time spent under the covers. Put the “do not disturb” sign on the door and lounge around while raindrops cascade outside. Order breakfast or lunch as room service and catch up on extra cuddles.

 Take the plunge anyway

If there is no thunder or lightning in the forecast, who says you can’t still dive into the pool or jump through some waves? After all, you’ll be wet either way. Put on those swimsuits and take a dip. Snuggle up in the hot tub, especially if it’s under a sheltered pergola or gazebo.

 Take a drive

Rent a car or arrange for a taxi service to take you on a tour. Rain generally cools down hot climates and can reduce airborne pollen, so it might make sightseeing more comfortable. While you’re out, visit museums or other indoor venues. The soft light created when it’s overcast also can make photographs pop. Capture many memories along the way by snapping photos as you go.

A rainy honeymoon may not be ideal, but couples can adapt and find ways to make their getaways memorable and romantic.


American Chocolate Week 

Make your own chocolate Easter bunnies

The Easter bunny is a tradition that has been passed down for centuries. Symbolizing fertility and wealth, the Easter bunny became a holiday standard in Germany during the 16th century.

The custom of chocolate eggs came along centuries after the Easter bunny, originating in the 19th century in France and Germany. As Easter celebrations evolved, chocolate eggs were not the only delicacy; chocolate Easter bunnies also were shared and enjoyed.

While there are scores of mass-produced chocolate bunnies available for purchase, and many local chocolatiers also make Easter bunnies and other sweet treats, families may want to try making their own chocolate Easter bunnies this year. This can be a family-friendly activity that favors togetherness with the promise of a sweet reward.

  1. The first step to creating chocolate Easter bunnies is to select the type of chocolate you prefer. Bunnies can be made from white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or even a combination for a marbleized effect. Chocolate melts, chips or chocolate couverture are widely available at specialty chocolate and food shops or craft supply stores, according to This simplifies the bunny-making process. Some retailers also may sell bunny-making kits that pair the chocolate melts with the mold in one box for ultimate convenience.

  1. Craft stores also have aisles devoted to culinary crafts. Browse to find an Easter bunny mold. Some may sell solid chocolate bunnies or hollow varieties. Choose molds in the desired size, as bunny molds may be large or small.

  1. Follow directions to melt chocolate successfully. Some chocolates can be slowly melted in the microwave. A double-boiler method, in which the chocolate is melted in a bowl placed above a pan with boiling water, can help the chocolate melt consistently and prevent it from burning.

  1. Pour the chocolate into the mold and gently tap the mold so that it displaces air bubbles and helps the chocolate settle evenly into the design. Allow the chocolate to set up in the refrigerator. If your mold is hollow, you can seal the two halves of the bunny with a little melted chocolate on the seam.

Creativity can be unleashed when making homemade chocolate bunnies. Experiment with adding a few drops of peppermint oil or orange liqueur to customize the flavor. Before sealing hollow bunnies, place peanut butter or raspberry jam inside for a tasty surprise. Use colored candy melts to add colorful eyes or cheeks or to tint the inside of the bunny ears.

For an even more festive effect, seal a lollipop stick in a chocolate bunny and use it to secure the Easter bunny to the top of a cake.


March Madness is overwhelming the nation. It has been that way since March 27, 1939 when the University of Oregon beat Ohio State University 46–33 in the final game of the very first NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

If the Super Bowl causes the nation to stop and focus on football for one day, the annual NCAA basketball tournament holds the attention of the nation about three weeks. It starts mid-month when the “first four” –or first round games–are played, and last until the “final four” games culminate with the selection of the two teams that will compete in the championship.

In the beginning, eight schools were invited to participate; this year, 68 will face off in the men’s competition.

The inaugural women’s NCAA tournament of 1982 had representation from 32 schools; the 2021 line-up will be generated from sixty-four.

The Grateful American Book Prize recommends How March Became Madness: How the NCAA Tournament Became the Greatest Sporting Event in America by Eddie Einhorn and Ron Rapoport.