OrangeYouBold: Everyone loves a pothead

Published 7:05 am Wednesday, March 17, 2021

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Hello beautiful people. I know the title is slightly interesting but trust me the pothead I mentioned is beautiful and joyful.

In late November, I came home from work and a friend had dropped of a delightful gift for me as a pick. I will say thank you again to Terri Hoyland for her kindness and also the beginning of my newest addiction. I received my first pothead in November, and I have not looked back. The pandemic was the start of many new hobbies like gardening for a lot of people.

I quickly found out from Terri where she purchased my new little pothead with the fabulous hair, also known as an air plant. I don’t know if you talk to your plants, but I definitely do. The pothead is a little planter made from clay. They are hand painted by different artists. Each artist paints their designs on the planter being careful not to paint the entire planter and always exposing the beautiful clay. I made a trip out to Cottage Cuttings to see the potheads for myself and I fell in love with the colorful works of arts. I bought three that day, one was a gift and two for myself.

You can plant succulents, air plants or small plants in these gorgeous little potheads. My quest for potheads brought me to the land of house plants. I have made an effort to search for air purifying plants in my home. I have accepted that I am absolutely no green thumb, so I am doing my best to keep everything alive and thriving. I am enjoying my green little friends thoroughly. One of the best parts about my house plants is picking out a beautiful pot for it to live in.

There is something therapeutic about plants. Try one small plant that is low maintenance and see if it makes your life calmer. I always like to share anything that brings me joy. It could possibly bring someone else joy, so why not share. Go down and check out the potheads and Cottage Cuttings and see if they bring you a little sunshine. OrangeYouBold…yes I am. Follow me on Facebook to see photos of potheads and follow my gardening journey. Email me your potheads at