FAITH: Hearts in Touch: Make good choices; our decisions affect others

Published 12:17 am Sunday, March 14, 2021

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Ronny Michel
Hearts in Touch

Although I’ve never dreamed of going to Colorado, when the opportunity to travel with two daughters, a son-in-law, and four granddaughters was offered, I accepted. Never was the phrase, “the pictures don’t do it justice” more appropriately applied. Beauty and grandeur surrounded us. The backyard of the condo we rented was a snow-covered national park and we never tired of breathing in the crisp air, soaking up the scenery, and playing in the snow we sank in. We hiked, tubed, rode a gondola, visited an ice castle, and took a sleigh ride up to a mountaintop dinner. My daughter Lauren traveled with a costume and when we least expected it, Elsa would show up. Even in the hot tub.

As with any new experience, many lessons were learned. Two-year-old Caroline was affected, thankfully mildly, by altitude. Although Frank is an excellent driver, we will be shuttled through the snow next time. And on every future flight, my granddaughters Adeline, Olivia, and Charlie will likely remind the passengers that smoking is not allowed in the airplane bathroom.

On a nonstop flight returning to New Orleans, someone smoked in the bathroom and set off the ear-splitting fire alarm only minutes after we left Denver. For quite some time we were not told the reason for the alarm that the crew was unable to silence.

My daughter Monique questioned a steward who informed her of the situation and assured her that, yes, the smoker would be removed from the plane as soon as we landed in Kansas City to reset the alarm.

“Give her a parachute,” Charlie, whose birthday wish to play in snow prompted our trip, said.

“At least I can now say that I’ve been to Kansas City,” Adeline said.

Everyone on the plane was delayed because of one person’s decision. The sobering truth that my actions affect others was never more plainly (no pun intended) played out. The phrase, KC detour, will now be in my vocabulary to remind me my decisions have a ripple effect on others.