OrangeYouBold: A DIY Christmas Tree from a reader

Published 3:59 am Wednesday, December 2, 2020

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Tricia Stroud

Hello beautiful people. Thanksgiving is over and the Christmas season is full steam ahead. I know some of us started Christmas decorating early, but for those who believe in no Christmas until after Thanksgiving your time is now.

A reader and follower of Orange You Bold created an adorable do it yourself Christmas tree and I am sharing it with you this week. My hope is this encourages someone who believes they are not crafty to give crafting a shot.

A huge thank you to Kesha Boyd for sharing her first attempt at crafting a wooden do it yourself project.

I know we all see pallets all around town and they are usually free if you haul it. As you can see Kesha went with white paint on the pallet. You can paint your pallet solid or dry brush it for a rustic look. The white paired well with the white string of lights used to make the shape of the Christmas tree.

Take the time to lay out your lights before attaching them to the pallet. Once you have decided on a pattern you can mark your pallet and attach nails, push pins or staple the lights in place. Leave enough space at the bottom for the base of your tree.

Kesha used natural resources and so can you.

If you decide not to use real pieces of a tree, you can use a piece of wood.

Now once you have your tree up it’s time to decorate it. My favorite part is the decorating.

Grab those Christmas balls and bows to make your tree unique. You can also embellish your pallet at the bottom like Kesha did with the cute little sleighs.

Be bold and get creative with the bottom of your pallet. You can use cotton to create a snow look or cute premade wooden objects. Remember you can always leave it plain if that is more of your speed.

I want to thank Kesha again for taking a dip in the DIY pool this holiday season and for being a follower and contributor.

We are rounding the corner of 2020 and so far, she has been driving this train. It’s time for her to get off at the next stop and let us drive into Christmas. Take back your sanity and finish this year strong and bold.

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