OrangeYouBold: The Gateway to Calm

Published 12:03 am Wednesday, October 14, 2020

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Tricia Stroud

Hello beautiful people. Here we are again after another hurricane has blown through our area. I hope you are all safe with minimal damages or no damage. Delta was a wild ride for sure. It seems with each passing hurricane I become more determined to simplify my life. Hurricane Delta reminded me quickly that my things need to be minimal. Organization is the key to balance while enduring these storms. It is the gateway to calm and a way to know exactly where your things are.

I spent the majority of the weekend cleaning up water from a horrible roof leak. Many things we saved from Harvey were ruined during Hurricane Delta. Despite the circumstances, the sun showed up the next day. I was diligent this weekend to organize more and get rid of things that were not necessary.

In the past, I have always thrived on having a surplus of things in an effort to save money, now my thinking is shifting. The time to tweak my thinking is now. I do believe having a surplus is good, but in moderation. I am slowly figuring the process out by following different trends and companies. My process has started with zoning. I tend to be detail oriented and that has been my downfall. Every single item does not have to have its own place, sometimes it falls under a category.

I have a microwave zone in my kitchen now and below the microwave I store food items that we heat in the microwave. Popcorn, poptarts, mac and cheese, hot cocoa and few other items are examples. This allowed me to clear these items from my cabinets.

Over the weekend I was able to free two of my double door upper cabinets by purging and zoning. Things are easier to find, and it encourages everyone to put things in their proper place. All my categories are boxes with items inside. There is a breakfast box, lunch box and drink box to name a few.

You can apply this concept to every area in your home. Start by purging the designated area. This will give you instant gratification when a full area becomes empty.

At this point you want to seriously assess these items and throw away, donate, or sell the items you are not using. The next thing is to categorize the items that made the final cut. My suggestion is to do this in phases. It can be overwhelming, but you are bold and determined.

OrangeYouBold…yes I am. Email me at and share your organizational tips.