OrangeYouBold: Industrial meets country charm

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, August 19, 2020

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Hello beautiful people.  I don’t know how your week went, but my week was busy. School is back in session in our household. We are adjusting to all new things and we survived the first three days of school. Things were busy, but there is always time for a project. I found a quick craft for this week that is also helping with organization in our home.

I am notorious for losing my keys. May my husband never read this article, because I will never live it down. Many years ago, I found an old key holder at a yard sale that confused my family. It was a piece of stained wood and there was a gun attached to it with hooks for your keys. The entire house determined it did not match the décor of our home, however I thought it was unique, so I put it on the wall by the front door. Might I mention there were already two nails there and it was a perfect fit. It was meant to be. On one of my many trips to the hardware store I came across an item I see often in the paint aisle, except this time I thought it would be perfect for a craft.

You will only need a few items to recreate this piece. You will need a paint can grid, a piece of wood at least 10 inches wide, stain or paint and screws. I purchased a 1x10x6 pine board and cut it to size.

You want to make sure you leave an even amount of space on top and bottom. Stain or paint your wood. If you have an old blade and get a rough edge you can sand the ends of the wood. I opted not to sand my ends.

I then laid the paint grid on top to get it centered. Once it is in the proper place you can mark where you want your screws to go. I placed two screws near the top of the grid. You can see them in the finished photograph.

Once you have the top screws in place, I suggest putting a screw at the bottom behind the grid’s trim. This will allow the grid to sit away from the wood. This will give you space to hang your keys.

I hope you get the opportunity to make one of these. Email me your finished products at

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