Minimum sufficient level of care

Published 12:16 am Saturday, August 8, 2020

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Demetrius Moffett

Minimum sufficient level of care. What does this look like?

In this pandemic period, we are having to make adjustments. There are some who are still okay, others are looking for a life ring just to meet the minimum sufficient level of care. This is understandable for those who have been hit pretty hard since the nation shut down.

I want to draw attention to the point of what do we do once we have a vaccine? What have we done for those who were struggling to meet the minimum level of care prior to the pandemic?

One great thing that has come out of COVID-19 is that those who have been overlooked, moved to the side, or not even thought about have now been afforded sources to meet their MSL. Why? Maybe because we have come into their world.

Our abnormality has brought us into their world of normalcy.

During the food distribution, I’ve seen various cultures come through looking to meet a need. This experience has pulled on my heart string to a whole new level.

COVID-19 has not only claimed lives, it’s claimed dreams.

Businesses having to shut down have had to close. The American dream is becoming a national nightmare.

Our education system is being affected. How do we supply the minimum sufficient level of education with the threat of an outbreak on the doorstep of our campuses?

This may seem to be dark and dreary. I propose that we take this time individually and collectively to assess our family dynamic. To discuss the value of saving and investing.

The importance of spending family time together. Learning of how our grandparents of 4 to 5 generations pass made it through.

We will come out of this and when we do, will we be ready to take flight again or will we be left trying to figure out where to start? Let’s not forget, our nation has come through depressions, recessions, epidemics. We are a resilient nation. It is going to take everyone working together.

If for nothing else COVID-19 has shown us racial and economic equality by infecting anyone it comes in contact with.

For me, this pandemic period is a period of planning for my prosperity. We may not have been ready when the pandemic hit, let’s be ready when we come out. How will you use this time? Minimum sufficient level of care.


Rev. Demetrius Moffett is Senior Pastor of Orange Church of God-Embassy of Grace, 1911 North 16th Street in Orange.