OrangeYouBold: Back to school during a pandemic

Published 12:25 am Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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Tricia Stroud

Hello beautiful people. I felt it was appropriate to talk about our return to school this month. Organization is will be our best friend during this transition.

The world came to a crashing halt in March. Our daily routines suddenly stopped, and our lives were put on pause.

Essential workers never stopped working, and their lives became more stressful. I send a huge thank you to essential workers. You are appreciated and loved.

Now is the time for schools to open back up. Are we walking into this confidently? I think most of us will agree as parents that we are sure of somethings and unsure of others.

The majority of us had an opportunity to choose in person learning or virtual learning. I know you all weighed the pros and cons for your household and made the best decision you could with the information given to you.

Your household will need organization and structure. There are so many things to juggle that are out of your control, you need to steer your organization.

What does that look like? It’s a great idea to preplan your student’s lunch menu for the week. Talk to your child about healthy choices and let them assist you in packaging their snacks. This is an activity that can be done on Sunday for most items. Doing this on Sunday will make you aware of the items you are low on.

At home learners will have a different environment. Help your student manage their time by setting a timer. Use this timer for specific tasks. You can create an environment that encourages your student to be efficient as an at home learner.

Parents of at home learners have a unique opportunity to help their student become more self-sufficient. We all need this quality the older we get and especially when our students head into the real world.

I am a firm believer in check lists. Introduce your student to a check list for the day. It will give them a sense of accomplishment and helps them set goals.

Students that are attending school in person will need to adjust to new things. I think it is important to make sure they have a mask in a designated area, so they do not forget it. I highly recommend sending your student with a spare clean mask in a plastic bag for an emergency.

I always keep a travel size container of hand sanitizer with me. Your student should do the same.

During this climate it is important that your student has all of their own supplies. We all have to borrow a pencil or pen at some point, but right now it is best that they check their supplies every night.

We have to approach this school year cautiously and diligently. I hope your student has an amazing year in person or at home.

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