OrangeYouBold: Hardwood floor help is on the way

Published 12:56 am Wednesday, July 22, 2020

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Tricia Stroud

Hello beautiful people. I think I have mentioned before that my home was built in 1936 and has original wood floors. Making updates to this home has been hard on the floors.

I do my very best to protect them when I am painting. In addition to my painting errors, there was normal wear and tear. We did not get the floors refinished when we moved in. It wouldn’t be right if I did things in the proper order. I know you all know someone like that. All jokes aside, I try to work smarter not harder.

My bedroom has undergone a fresh new paint job and a few drops on the floor. It also had some wear and tear that could use a little sprucing up. If you do not want to have your floors completely refinished, but they need a small face lift, you can do that with two items. You will need a hand sander and a stain that is very close to your current hardwood finish.

I took my hand sander and went over every spot of paint I saw on the floors. There were a few scratches and scuffs from dragging furniture on the floor.

Take the time to properly move furniture to avoid scuffs and scratch marks. The task is pretty simple and will make your floors significantly look better.

Simply locate the stain or scratch and apply the sander to that area. I like to move in the same direction as the grain of the wood. I sand the surface until the blemish is gone. You see what the floor looks like in the image I provided. You will notice I didn’t sand deeply. The deeper you sand the more likely you will need to match the stain perfectly.

In my situation I have no knowledge of the brand or color that was originally used on my floors. I picked up a small can of stain that I thought was close to my current floors.

Once everything is sanded to my satisfaction, I sweep the loose dust away.  I take a rag and my stain and wipe the floors with the grain of the wood. You will continue this until all of the sanded spots are covered. Be sure to wipe the excess stain away. You will notice the floor was covered and it looks more complete.

The next step in this will be for me to top the floors with a gloss.

You do not have to settle for banged up floors. You can spruce them up on your own while you prepare to have them professionally done. Exert your confidence and give this a shot.

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