Orange You Bold: Things may not always work out as planned

Published 12:35 am Wednesday, July 8, 2020

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Tricia Stroud

Hello beautiful people. I hope you are having a productive week. Last week was productive for me around the house. Work continues in my bedroom, but at a little slower pace than I would like.

The main reason is because I have been on the hunt for the perfect accent chair for my bedroom. My middle name should be sidetrack. A quick look around my home revealed that I had a couple of options I could use until I find the perfect chair. I am going to talk about a chair I bought years ago in this column.

I found a chair at a garage sale. I knew it could be recovered.

The fabric you choose should be durable. I didn’t choose the best fabric so you can see it has beaded up and is a little worn after years of use. It was on its way to the trash, and I decided to try something I have been dying to try. Paint the chair!

As always, I did some research, but I didn’t really follow it. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on this project to possibly toss it. The first thing I did was sand the fabric with sandpaper to make it smooth again. You will see from the photos that it gave it new life.

That’s right sandpaper.

Do not be afraid to use a fine piece of sandpaper to clean up the wear and tear on your fabric. Honestly, I almost stopped there but I decided to continue.

Now here is the crazy part. I bought regular acrylic paint. It was under $5 for the bottle.

I mixed two parts water to one-part paint and painted one thin layer. This made it easy for the fabric to receive the paint without the dilution. I immediately followed up with a regular coat of paint. Then I let it sit to dry.

You can paint a couple of coats to get a more saturated color. I only did one coat. The chair was dry and ready to sit on in less than two hours.

I am sure you are curious about how it feels. I wondered if it would be rough. It was not as soft as it originally was, but my no stretch of the imagination was it rough. It is comfortable. I curled up in it and watched a movie Saturday night.

However, it is not a win for me. It will do for now, but I am not loving the color in the space.

This is a small reminder that not everything always works out, but trying new things and colors are the only way to figure it out.

In closing, remember to be bold because it will pay off. OrangeYouBold…YES I AM.

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