Fifteen retiring from LC-M CISD

Published 6:45 pm Friday, May 22, 2020

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To the Leader

Little Cypress-Mauriceville has 15 employees retiring this year. At Little Cypress Elementary Iva Peasley is retiring after 28 years, all in the LCM District. Nancy Richards has 27 years, all with LCM.

Natasha Franks is retiring from Little Cypress Junior High. Ms. Franks has been with LCM for 16 years and has a total of 26 years in education.

Sharon Gengo, Beverly Fikes and Babs Foster are retiring from LCM High School. Ms. Gengo has spent 20 in education, all with LCM. Beverly Fikes has 22 years, all at LCM and Babs Foster has spent 19 years with LCM and has a total of 31 years in the field.

Mauriceville Elementary has five retirees. Donna Hendricks has spent all 26 of her years in education with LCM. Tanya Gauthier has also spent her 23 years with LCM. Sharon Busses has been with the District for 21 years and has a total of 29 years in education. Steve Romeis is retiring after 15 years, all with LCM and Janice Caldwell has been with MVE for just one year but has been in education for 12 years.

Suzanne Magee, Director of Child Nutrition for the District, is retiring after 12 years with LCM.

LCMCISD is grateful to these educators for sharing their considerable knowledge, skill and love with the students and staff of LCM CISD.