BRIGHT FUTURES – Bridge City’s Annalise Briggs ‘dances’ to a positive beat

Published 12:30 am Saturday, December 31, 2022

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BRIDGE CITY — In her time at Bridge City High School, senior Annalise Briggs has enjoyed keeping the student body entertained, whether it be from the fabulous Strutters Drill Team or organizing electrifying events as the Senior Class President.

“I just love to have fun and just enjoy being around people and being part of groups that generate school spirit,” said Briggs. “We have so many clubs, teams and organizations here on campus. I’m always urging as many students who I can to get involved. You can learn so much when you are around so many different people.

“I think that is so important for students our age. I remember when I came in as a freshman and felt lost like freshmen usually do. We were fortunate enough to have a great senior class that helped us to fit in to everything that goes on. I think our senior class does the same. It’s kind of a great tradition here at Bridge City.”

Principal Tim Woolley says Briggs energizes everyone around her.

“What I will remember about her the most is her dancing, she just loves to dance and brings tremendous leadership skills to the Strutters,” said Woolley. “She’s so involved about getting everyone else involved. As the Senior Class President, she’s such a great organizer.”

Briggs, arguably, is part of perhaps the best tradition on campus, being a member of the Strutters.

“I grew up during my entire childhood wanting to become a Strutter,” said Briggs. “I always loved the pageantry and all of the dance routines. I literally starting dancing when I was 18 months old in a studio. I was always constantly dancing around the grocery stores and shopping malls and my Mom would tape me. That was so funny, but even back then, my Mom knew I had dancing in my blood.”

Briggs, the daughter of Joshua and Sarah Briggs, was thrilled to be named a Strutters Captain and has been one the last two years after being a First Lieutenant as a sophomore.

“That was another goal I strived far and I’m so happy everyone had faith in me that I could help lead us,” said Briggs. “It’s so much fun, learning then teaching the routines. As a Captain, there is a lot of preparation for things like our halftime shows, our contests and our big Spring Revue.”

Being a Strutter can be a grind but so rewarding.

“Being a Strutter is a year-around deal for sure,” explained Briggs. “We spend our summers working on what we are doing for the upcoming football season. We do a five-day camp in Dallas in July where we pick up a lot of ideas and get to see what other drill teams are doing across the state. We really keep ourselves in great shape because we are constantly practicing and working on routines throughout the year.”

One of the most exciting performances of the school year is the Spring Revue.

“We’re busy now working on our upcoming contest and working on some excellent pieces and also our Spring Revue,” said Briggs. “The Spring Revue is so special to everyone’s heart. So much effort goes into it. We’re involved, the band is involved, so are the cheerleaders and the theater group. We love putting on a great show for the student body and our families.”

Briggs stays busy as well being a member of the STEM Team and as the Senior Class President.

“The STEM Bus project is going to be such a blessing when it is all done,” said Briggs. “Once completed, the bus will be going through all of our campuses and helping educate the kids in such a fun way. From books, to tools that help build things, for different age groups, it’s just going to be another tool and building block to help kids flourish in our district.”

“As the Senior Class President, I help organize events and get together with all of the organizations on campus on how we can all work together as a team to help get all of our fun events we have through the year rolling,” said Briggs. “We’re constantly busy preparing for events like our Dress-Up days, pep rallies throughout the year because we just don’t have pep rallies just for football season. We have them to keep up school spirit and when anything else big happens. One of the best qualities we’ve had at Bridge City, ever since I was little, was encouraging and helping each and every student blend in. As a senior, I really enjoy doing that and getting as many people involved as I can.”

Briggs, also a member of the National Honor Society, wants to go to Lamar University and major in engineering.

She loves science and math and would like to become a biomechanical engineer.

Woolley said Briggs is also enrolled in early college courses.

“She’s always trying to stay ahead of the game,” said Woolley. “She’s one of the smartest in our engineering class we have here. Not many girls take that class, but she steps up to the plate and flourishes with a class mainly full of guys.”

Now, Briggs is concentrating on finishing her senior year with some fun and doing it with style.

“I plan to cherish each and every moment. I’ve always done that, from elementary school through junior high and now,” said Briggs. “I’ve always had great moments by being a student in this district and I will carry them with me the rest of my way throughout life.”

By Van Wade – Orange Leader