OrangeYouBold: Creating character allows furniture to stand out

Published 12:36 am Wednesday, April 22, 2020

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Tricia Stroud

Hello beautiful people.  We are more than halfway through the month of April. Time is marching on whether we like it or not.

Each day brings about new changes and we are learning to adapt quickly.

I have thought long and hard about things this week. This is a time where we are all building distinct character.  We are learning to walk through various emotions and lifting up our peers.  The ring we were all thrown into has become a makeshift show, and we are slowly stealing the show with our humanity.

Last week I had a couple of readers reach out with projects they would love to see revamped. I had the pleasure of giving a facelift to a table for Stephanie Davila.  This table has a spot in a special room in her home and she gave me a chance to update it.

I will tell you a little about this table at first glance. It was two colors and had some dings, which I call character. It tells a story of survival, just like our present-day situation.  We have hit a few bumps in 2020, but we keep pressing on. Those bumps are the foundation for redirection and a reminder from where we’ve been and a glimpse into where we are going. Sprucing up things is wonderful and an opportunity to let the character show through a new beginning. Do not be afraid to embrace your dings during this time, I promise you will be better in the end.

Let’s get to the details! I debated on a solid color or keeping it two different colors. The table has bulky legs and a streamline top. I decided that one color would unify the piece giving it more balance. The room it sits in has a more masculine feel with dark furniture, so I wanted to lighten it up with this piece. In order to keep the feel masculine, I added simple piece of hardware to tie into the room décor.

If you have a piece that has some imperfections, do not be afraid to paint it as is. The character will stand out in a beautiful way. I recommend a chalk paint or matte finish for imperfect pieces, but that is only my personal recommendation.

Time to talk tools. I used Waverly chalk paint in the color mineral, a two- inch paint brush, metal drawer-pull and a screwdriver. The table received three coats of paint. I waited two hours between each layer. The second layer offered plenty of coverage, but I wanted to apply a third coat because there is not a wax top coat.

I hope you enjoyed the photos of this table and it encourages you to take on a project. If you want to contact me please email me at or follow me on Instagram @OrangeYouBold. YES I AM!