Men, an endangered species?

Published 4:20 pm Saturday, April 11, 2020

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Demetrius Moffett

Men, an endangered species.

 Most of us have a general idea of what an endangered, threatened, or extinct species is, but biologists have certain definitions for each.  

In general, an endangered species is one that’s in immediate danger of becoming extinct. 

Threatened species are those species whose populations aren’t yet low enough to be in immediate danger of extinction. 

Extinct species are no longer living.  

Extirpated is when a species is locally extinct.  For example, Indiana used to be home to elk, mountain lions, and black bears. Although each of these species still exists, they no longer exist in the wild in Indiana. 

What is making “men” an endangered species? 

From the beginning of time, Satan has been after the men.

When Pharaoh felt threaten by the prosperity of the children of Israel he decreed to take them into harsh slavery. In realizing that this bitter, bleak and burdensome treatment did not hinder their progress but open the flood gates of prosperity Pharaoh gave the instruction to males killed at birth. 

The habitat upon which our young males are to survive is not conducive to giving them a poor chance, let alone a good chance to grow and become a man. 

We are not only killing our young males physically; we are killing them mentally and emotionally. 

Our culture is the culprit. 

The absence of fathers in the lives of their sons is a great place to start to save our men. It’s hard to become something that you have not been trained to become. 

We have too many women trying to cultivate males into men, and we wonder why our adult males have no backbone, no inner strength and are becoming just as, if not more, messier and dramatic than females. 

Children inherit their surroundings and learn to adapt to survive. 

It’s not enough for males to just survive, men need to be produced. 

As iron sharpens iron or shall I say as men develop men so I will do for another. 

Ladies, if you want to help preserve our men, our sons have to be placed in godly, masculine, mature environments. 

Men, if we want to produce manly fruit after our own kind we must tune and tweak ourselves. We need to step up, dedicate and cultivate an environment that will cause healthy development of males to become men. 

The truth of the matter if we don’t change the habitat, men will become extinct.


Demetrius Moffett is Senior Pastor of Orange Church of God-Embassy of Grace, 1911 North 16th Street in Orange.