Social Media can be a blessing

Published 2:02 pm Saturday, April 4, 2020

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Karen Stevens

Before the pandemic, the nay-sayers have been bad mouthing Facebook because it made everyone’s lives look so much better than our own.

It would show our family and friends frolicking thru the clovers in Ireland, skiing the mountains in Colorado, tubing the Guadalupe, partying with friends, etc.

Since the pandemic, all seem to be equal.

No one is rushing anywhere or bragging about their latest quest.  Everyone does seem to be bragging about their beautiful, manicured yards.

That’s pretty much the only thing that is getting manicured, since hair and nail saloons have closed down.  I do miss my pedicures!

What Facebook has done for us, is keep us updated on everyone’s health, their smiles, and basics of what is happening in their lives.

I noticed on Facebook some people have taken the pandemic very serious, not seeing their children, grandchildren, etc., and others visiting with those family members, whether they live with them or not.

Since I am considered an essential employee, I go to work each day, but stay mainly in my office, interacting with as little people as possible.

I’ve seen people with mask, face respirators, gloves, and I have seen some with nothing.

Just to keep things lite, I try to post a joke every day on my Facebook page, to keep those bored people out there entertained.

So many church’s and other organizations are using products like “Messenger” on Facebook, or “Zoom”, to have their small groups come together which is a great thing in these times of separation.

The thing that does keep us all linked together is the love of Christ.

I’ve noticed also, more people have time to read their Bible, study, and pray.

Looking for the silver lining to all this; it’s a marvelous thing that God slowed us down long enough to take the time to do what He has been wanting us to do all along; spend time with Him.

We have at least another month as our “stay at home” continues, and we should take full advantage of the time we have spending it with God.  What an opportunity!

I was reading on Facebook this morning something a friend of mine (Dawn Mack) posted.  It went something like this:  “Where else in the world can you be under quarantine, have a stocked fridge, roof over your head, comfy couch to sit and read, binge on TV shows, educate yourself with a book, or just sit and talk with your spouse.”

It was a lot longer and more eloquent than I, but you get the point.

I know Easter is next weekend and we will all be in our respected homes, but Praise God for Social Media.  We can come together, pray, sing praise songs, laugh, etc.

Don’t let this pandemic get the best of your worship to God.

Every Sunday should be Easter Sunday.

We should all remember and praise God every day for what Christ has done for us.  That’s why we celebrate Easter; to remind us what happened that day on Golgotha hill.

Just think, you don’t have to buy a new outfit, (who has the money anyway?).  You can sit on your couch, in your PJ’s, drinking your coffee, while celebrating Jesus’s resurrection.

If you don’t attend a church, find a good preacher on Youtube or TV.  There are some good ones out there.

Don’t lose your privilege to worship God!  Stay in touch with Him anyway you know how.


Karen Y. Stevens is founder of Orange County Writers Guild