Health Scores

Published 6:15 pm Saturday, February 29, 2020

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From staff reports


Orange County Health Inspector temporarily stopped breakfast at Best Price Motel located at 2610 Lutcher Drive, Orange for not having a food service permit.

Kajun Seafood and Wings, located at 1102 West Park Avenue in Orange was closed at 4:34 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 3 due to construction and sanitary conditions. The restaurant reopened Friday afternoon Friday, Feb. 7.

Denny’s Restaurant #8580, located at 7112 Interstate 10 West in Orange, received a health score of 83 out of a possible 100. Reasons for the demerits included shelled eggs at unsafe temperatures, raw meat stored above foods inside the walk-in cooler, storing sanitizer buckets on top of the prep table, and storing foods inside broken coolers. The health inspector also found ‘lots of water on the bottom shelf with food being stored,’ according to the inspection report. 

The inspector also noted the establishment was in need of repairing cooling equipment immediately and more cleaning was required.


Establishments inspected between January 1, 2020, and February 14, 2020



  • City Mart

2379 West Roundbunch Road, Bridge City

Score: 85

Demerits include: Mold found inside the ice machine and on drink dispensers- employee pulled nozzles to clean immediately. Soap and paper towels needed at the hand-washing station. Need to cover and date all foods inside coolers/freezers. 


  • Raceway #6945

500 Texas Avenue, Bridge City

Score: 91

Demerits include: Slight mold inside the ice machine. Dates are needed on all products inside coolers. 


  • Dairy Queen #13875

1780 Texas Avenue, Bridge City

Score: 97

Demerits include: Grease dripping onto equipment and floors from the flat top grill- this violation was documented from the previous health inspection report– need to make repairs to equipment. Equipment and floors near the flat top grill and fryers need to be cleaned.


  • Real Southern Cooking

1111 Green Avenue, Orange

Score: 93

Demerits include: Chemicals being stored improperly above dry goods. Vents at vent-a-hood need to be cleaned of old grease. 


  • Seafood Shack

715 Texas Avenue, Suite 1, Bridge City

Score: 84

Demerits include: Improper glove use- found employee wearing gloves pick up ice cube off the floor and kept preparing raw foods for service without changing gloves. 


  • Waffle House #523

4212 27th Street, Orange

Score: 90

Demerits include: Mold found inside ice machine. Damaged gasket found on walk-in cooler door- need to repair. Dates needed on all products inside coolers/freezers. Wiping cloths improperly stored throughout- needs to be stored inside sanitize solution.


  • Chili’s Grill and Bar

292 Strickland Drive, Orange

Score: 90

Demerits include: Found several clean dishes with old foods still on them. Slight mold found inside the ice machine. Found cooked noodles being stored on top of prep table out of proper temperature.


  • Shipley Donuts 

710 North Main Street, Vidor

Score: 95

Demerits include: Vent-a-hood area and outside of storage containers need to be cleaned of old grease. Need to clean and organize back storage area. Employee drink stored improperly on top of prep table. Dates needed on all products inside coolers.


  • Subway #4151

300 North Main Street, Vidor

Score: 90

Demerits include: Mold found on drink dispensers- manager pulled and rewashed immediately. Food handler certificates needed. Paper towels needed inside the employee restroom.


  • Redeemed Coffee Shop

1212 North Main Street, Vidor

Score: 94

Demerits include: Outside of storage cabinets need to be cleaned of old foods. Found sausage and shelled eggs out of proper temperatures.


  • Donut Nation 

18394 Highway 62 South, Orange

Score: 90

Demerits include: Found sausage and boudin out of proper temperatures. No record of time found on holding sausage and boudin out at room temperature. Slight mold found inside ice machine. Using the same pan liner multiple times to bake kolaches.


  • Tekoa Academy 

1408 West Park Avenue, Orange

Score: 98

Demerits include: Damaged ceiling tiles found in dry storage and food prep areas. These repairs were noted on past inspection reports and have not been addressed.


  • La Palma Food Truck

1912 16th Street, Orange

Score: 86

Demerits include: Found cut onions out of proper temperatures. Proper handwashing practices not being observed during the inspection. No running water found coming out of any of the faucets inside the mobile unit. No hot water found inside the mobile unit.


  • Tacos Don Guicho Y Su Familia Restaurant

2309 Macarthur Drive, Orange

Score: 91

Demerits include: Area around grill and fryer needs to be cleaned of old foods/grease. Found cut onions out of proper temperatures.


The following locations had zero violations and received a perfect score of 100:

  • Orangefield Junior High

7745 Sand Bar Road, Orangefield


  • North Early Learning Center

801 Cordrey Street, Orange


  • West Orange High School

1400 Newton Street, Orange


  • Vidor Junior High School 

945 North Tram Road, Vidor


  • Vidor Elementary School

400 East Railroad, Vidor


  • Circle K Kiddie Ranch

16944 Highway 62, Orange


  • The Garden District

7536 North Highway 87, Orange


  • Little Cypress Elementary

5725 Meeks Drive, Orange


  • Little Cypress Jr High

6765 FM 1130, Orange


  • West Orange Elementary 

2605 MLK Drive, Orange


  • Little Cypress Intermediate

2300 Allie Payne Road, Orange


The following locations passed pre-opening inspections:

  • Café De Cajun

3085 Highway 12, Vidor


  • Jingo Cajun Eatery

425 North Main Street, Vidor


  • The Pink Lady

6111 16th Street, Orange


  • The Stuffed Mushroom Kitchen

2530 Texas Avenue, Bridge City

Location change from Orange to Bridge City. 


  • American Donuts

2105 Texas Avenue, Bridge City