Does a child deserve dependency or development?

Published 5:10 pm Saturday, February 29, 2020

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Demetrius Moffett

One should never just assume that a child has ADHD. 

If a child is suspected of having ADHD, an appointment to have an extensive examination should take place first to ensure that the child is not suffering from vision or hearing loss, epilepsy, eczema, allergies or trauma, all of which can give off symptoms of ADHD. 

The examination should also conclude whether the child has been exposed to any childhood disease, toxins or trauma from abuse or neglect. Other possible exams may be explored by health professionals, child psychologist or neurologist.

In most cases, ADHD will appear before the age of seven and may manifest as early as four. 

Typical symptoms may include but not limited to impulsive behavior, attention deficit and hyperactivity. The child may leap before he looks, has difficulty staying focus or is extremely active or restless. 

A child may express one or more of these symptoms, however in order to properly diagnose ADHD, these symptoms must persist for at least six months that equates to actions inappropriate for the child’s age. The expression of these symptoms must reach a level that is severe enough to significantly hinder and affect the social and academic life of the child.

The structure of the family is vital to the development of the family. 

Everyone needs to step up and assume their role. 

When you have the absence of a father, boys are more likely to act out and disrespect authority. 

Love, peace, and harmony need to be injected into the family to get the child to overcome his anger, especially toward authority figures.

It must be pointed out that there is a relationship between the child’s parents being present and the child’s behavior. 

A coaching session with the parents to gather some childhood information on them will be very beneficial to understand why the child might be behaving like he/she is. 

Being able to gather information about the family will give everyone a better understanding of what needs to take place in the life of the child for healing to take place. 

Medication without cultivation breeds dependency, not development.


Demetrius Moffett is Senior Pastor of Orange Church of God-Embassy of Grace, 1911 North 16th Street in Orange.