Mount Olive Baptist Church planning a “blessed” February

Published 10:46 pm Friday, January 31, 2020

ORANGE – Mount Olive Baptist Church in Orange has amazing plans for Black History Month in February.

On Feb. 9, Orange Mayor Larry Spears, Jr. will be the speaker. The theme will be “African-Americans and the Vote”.

On Feb. 16, the church will honor six African Americans from Orange.

They will be honoring Sparrow Funeral Home, which is the oldest African-American owned business in Orange and has served Orange residents for four generations.

Andre Robertson, a West Orange High School graduate, who is in the University of Texas Baseball Hall of Fame and who played for the New York Yankees and earned a World Series ring, will also be honored.

Anitrea Goodwin, who served in the administration for the West Orange Cove School District and a Director of Human Resources will also be recognized.

Also, being honored will be Melondi Robertson, a graduate of West Orange-Stark who has written seven children’s books.

Nia Hodge, a Mount Olive member who own Nia’s Treats, will also be recognized. She is known for her delicious cakes and cookies and helps serve children across the West Orange Cove School District.

Aileen McCollum will be honored as well. A member of Mount Olive, McCollum is the Assistant Vice President of Bridge City Bank.

On Feb. 23, the church will have plenty of food and companionship and it will be Soul Food Day. The children of the church will also be featured that day of worship.

The church will also have a showing of Harriett on Tuesday, Feb. 4.

Mount Olive Baptist Church is located at 106 Park Street.

For more information please contact Beverly Robinson at (409) 330-0085.