OrangeYouBold: Creating an easy jewelry holder

Published 9:12 am Thursday, January 16, 2020

Tricia Stroud

Hello beautiful people.

We are traveling along this exciting road called life at a moderate speed. Today is the halfway point of January already.

We all know that planning anything will almost always end up with life laughing and you adjusting. Guess how I know this? It happened to me today after a week of planning, I had to quickly adjust my plans for today’s project.

In an effort to escape the great storm of January 2020, my daughter and I took a trip to Lafayette, LA overnight. I had great plans to find something unique at one of the many thrift shops located there.

You guessed it nothing spoke to my soul, so we left empty handed. I was a little bummed, but I had a cool project waiting on me at home.

As luck would have it my project had different plans and I found myself adjusting quickly today.

I found an alternative to my jewelry holder that is very easy. The beginner crafter can make it with something you already have.

Do you have a gallery canvas painting hanging around? It can be one that is on its way to the trash. I had a black 12×24 inch gallery canvas that I bought on sale over a year ago, peel and stick vinyl, a staple gun and a roll of jute rope.

You can use any vinyl cutting machine or you can simply pick up peel and stick vinyl decals from the store. Your local Dollar Tree will carry vinyl designs premade as well as other big box stores.

You want to paint or decorate your canvas to your taste.

When you have completed that you will flip your canvas over and staple the jute to the wooden frame.

Once it is secure you will wrap the canvas tightly with the jute and secure it with a staple every time it crosses the wooden frame of the canvas on the backside. Continue this until you reach the opposite end of the canvas, be mindful of how much space you leave between the rope for the pieces of jewelry you are hanging.

I like to tie a knot in the jute on the last piece and then staple it to the wooden frame for enforced security.

If you do not have a blank canvas grab an old painted canvas and repurpose it.

When things don’t go as planned you roll with them anyway and something beautiful will come out on the other side.

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Congratulations to Meagan Washburn for winning this adorable jewelry holder! Until we meet again.