Three LCM campuses find recalled lettuce

Published 8:20 am Friday, December 6, 2019

PRESS RELEASE — Little Cypress-Mauriceville School District was informed on Thursday that three campuses had received lettuce from their supplier that is on a recall list published by The Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control, according to a press release. The supplier is the Department of Defense’s Commodity program.

According to Child Nutrition Director, Suzanne Magee, Mauriceville Elementary, Mauriceville Middle and LCM High School served the lettuce to a minimal number of students on Thursday before it was taken off of the serving lines shortly after 11 a.m.

The CDC said that “…romaine lettuce from the Salinas, California growing region is a likely source of this outbreak.”

There have been no reports of students or staff on the three campuses becoming ill.

The same article from the CDC said, “Most people infected with that strain of E. coli may experience vomiting, diarrhea – which is often bloody, as well as stomach cramps, fever and nausea.”

Anyone who believes they are having these symptoms after eating at one of these campuses should contact his or her physician. If a diagnosis is made, or you have questions, please notify Director of Health Services, Kelly Meadows RN, BSN, 409-886-4245, extension 5210.