Student of the Month

Published 2:14 pm Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce had the honor of presenting a certificate and scholarship to the Student of the Month for Lamar State College-Orange to Shelby Diane Trahan. 

Cammie Vincent, Adjunct Instructor: Shelby is a hard-working student with good classroom manners and excellent grades.

Doris Land, Volunteer Instructor: Shelby has excellent student skills and is a hard-working student.

Rickey Land, Program Director: Shelby has great plans for her future with immediate goals of serving her community as a volunteer firefighter.

She is married to Kelly Trahan and has 4 children ranging in age 4-10 years of age. 

Shelby volunteers with the Bridge City Youth Recreation Association and is a retired Veteran of the United States Army. She is also currently training to be a part-time emergency dispatcher for the Orange County Emergency Services District 2. Congratulations Shelby!