LCM getting students back to school

Published 7:34 am Monday, September 23, 2019

From Little Cypress-Mauriceville CISD

The Little Cypress-Mauriceville School District has once again been affected by a flood due to tropical storm Imelda. District administrators met on Sunday afternoon to determine how soon students and staff can return to school. After evaluating both Mauriceville Elementary and Middle, it was determined that we start school again on Thursday, September 26, if at all possible. If arrangements cannot be made for Thursday, an alternate date will be given parents no later than Tuesday, September 24. Staff who are able, will report to work on Tuesday, September 24.

Classes will keep the same schedule that they have had since the beginning of school this year. All Middle School students will be housed at LCM High School.

Two wings of Mauriceville Elementary school were spared, so most of the grade levels will continue to meet at MVE. All third grade classes will be moved to Little Cypress Elementary and all fifth grade classes will attend Little Cypress Intermediate. Buses will shuttle third and fifth grade classes to LCE and LCI.

Starting and ending times will stay the same. Principals will contact parents if there are any changes to children’s bus schedules.

The time it will take to get students back to their home campuses is estimated to be six weeks, since the water was not as high and drained so much sooner than it did following Hurricane Harvey. Classrooms have been cleared and much more was able to be saved this time. Workers are already on campuses installing the equipment to dry out the buildings.

Junior and Middle school sports teams will not play this week. The high school volleyball team is playing Monday evening in Bridge City, with freshmen starting at 5, followed by JV and Varsity. Tuesday they will play at WOS, starting with JV at 6 p.m., followed by Varsity. There is no freshman game. Homecoming is now scheduled for October 25.

Many thanks to all those who have been helping save items that were not affected by the flood at both of our campuses. Your kindness and generosity are greatly appreciated.