LCM adopts budget and tax rate

Published 5:23 pm Saturday, August 31, 2019

To The Leader


A special meeting of the Little Cypress-Mauriceville Board of Trustees was held on Monday, August 26, for a public hearing for the 2019-2020 Budget and the tax rate. The Board elected to adopt a tax rate of $1.36 for the 2019-2020 school year. This rate includes $0.97 for Maintenance and Operations (M&O) and $0.39 for Interest and Sinking (I&S). 

The I&S rate will stay the same as last year. These are funds that can only be used to make the district’s bond payments. The amount reflects a $0.20 decrease from the prior year, which on a $100,000 home is a savings of $42 to the taxpayer.


2018-2019  2019-2020  
M&O $1.17  $0.97
I&S .39  .39
$1.56  $1.36

The budget for 2019-2020 totaling $38,797,162 was also adopted.