Rosier releases new solo album

Published 12:59 am Wednesday, August 28, 2019

From staff reports


Los Angles and Orange County musician and producer, Keith Rosier (pronounced Rosy-aye), has had his songs and productions featured in movies and popular TV shows like Supernatural, King Of The Hill, Ghost Whisperer, etc… but he has never put out an album until now. 

Rosier, originally of Orange, has now released Big Sky: a record that takes the listener on an entertaining ride through songs of love, betrayal, and loss; sometimes with tongue in cheek. 

The record starts with the quirky and cool, “She Cheated On A Cheater” a song about Rosier coming home early from a gig and finding his then-girlfriend making out with a guy on his front porch. 

Next is the unusual, funny, and only cover song on the record, “Bertha Lou”: a full out rocking dance track that takes on the popular Clint Miller rockabilly single released in the 1950s. 

The heartfelt “Creature Of Habit” follows, and is a modern twist on the familiar two-step dance beat with lyrics that are actually describing Rosier’s dream of a relationship to come, and its surviving daily routine by looking forward to romance. 

“Tell Me Woman” is a Cajun-inspired modern dance song about a pleading husband left out in the cold after being kicked out and let back in many times by his indecisive spouse. 

“Lovin’ Til It Hurts” is a moving tune about loving and losing, with a heartbreaking lyric. The title track “Big Sky” tells of Rosier’s surprise when he gets to the big city; finding out that it’s not what he thought it would be, with homesickness making him yearn for the big sky of his native Texas. 

The rollicking dance track, “Hey Baby” is a fun and swinging shuffle about a man calling his lover out for her wrongs, but still wanting her back. 

“Tuggin’ On A Bottle” is a haunting tale describing the loss and pain that generational alcohol abuse can create. 

“Then There’s You” is a moody track about discord with a girl friend’s father; with the lovers asking just to be left alone without family interference. 

The album ends with the deep and open-hearted country-rock ballad “Carry Me”, which shares feelings about the lack of control in our lives, losing a job, and finding solace in our relationships.

The album was released on August 1, 2019. 

Rosier played his first professional gig when was only 13 years old. That was just three years after he started learning how to play the bass from his grandmother. 

He has been named Bass Guitarist of the Year, an honor conferred by the California Country Music Association.

He has also worked on a number of soundtracks for other works, including Inferno, Beverly Hills Cop II, and Kalifornia, according to his bio on

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