Zoning change tabled for now

Published 11:31 pm Tuesday, August 13, 2019

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


A change in zoning classifications is on hold for now as the city considers amending the classification.

Orange City Council considered the Planning and Zoning recommendation of changing the zoning of 511 10th Street from R-2, medium density residential, to C-1, light commercial zoning.

A concern presented to the council during public hearings, phone calls and emails, was what could actually be in the historic district of the city.

“The historic overlay does not change,” Interim City Manager Kelvin Knauf said. “The Historic Commission controls the outside appearance. There is concern of what can go in the district.”

The zoning change request is for a house to be converted to a café.

Knauf presented the council with three options:

  1. approve the ordinance for the zoning change as is, 
  2. table it until the council could make an amendment for C-1 zoning of what is permitted by right and what is permitted by special exception,
  3. approve the ordinance and then make the amendment.

“If we table it, will it slow her down,” Mayor Larry Spears Jr. asked.

Penny Wheeler is the one making the zoning change request for the project which will create a restaurant, shops, event center, and an Airbnb.

Wheeler said she had time and asked for clarification on the time frame.

“It can be done in outside of 60 days,” Knauf said.

“The neighborhood is talking about it and excited,” Councilmember Mary McKenna said. “But we want to do it right to ensure the integrity and to move forward.”

Wheeler added, she too, wanted to do it right.

“We want this,” Councilmember Brad Childs said. “We need to make sure she can still move forward.”

The council was concerned the delay in tabling the ordinance would cause Wheeler delays in moving forward.

“Bringing business to a residential area, we have to listen to the residents,” Councilmember Terrie Salter said.

Concerns raised were due to the current C-1 zoning ordinance would permit shelters.

“The biggest concern is they do not like the parking,” Wheeler said. “I have no problem waiting.”